Justin Fisher

Trade: Plumbing and Heating
School: Medicine Hat College
Employer: Simpson Plumbing
Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta
Age: 21

"I chose plumbing and heating as a career because I would be following in my family’s footsteps, as both my grandfather and father are plumbers. I also got exposure to the trades at a young age by working for my dad. In the future, I hope to pursue more mechanical tickets and hopefully one day run my own company."

  • I got involved with Skills Competitions through my instructor who encouraged me to participate.
  • Interesting fact about Justin : I am in the process of building my first house.
  • I believe that numeracy is an instrumental Essential Skill to have for a career in this field because plumbing is based on of critical measurements. Therefore you must have a good understanding of mathematics to be successful as a plumber.

Competition History

Training History

WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: Medicine Hat College, February 11-14, 2017

WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition 2017, June 15-19


Journeymen training for Worldskills Championship


Competitor Partners