David Lister

Trade: Mechanical Engineering Design CAD
School: Carleton University
Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Age: 21

"Mechanical Engineering Design CAD can be both a particular career path as a draftsperson or it can be used as a tool for an engineer to communicate their ideas more effectively. For me, Mechanical Engineering CAD is one of the tools that I will use in the workplace to communicate design ideas. The reason I chose this trade is because it is a very effective way to communicate ideas about mechanical design."

  • The reason I chose to study mechanical engineering design CAD is because it is a very effective way to communicate ideas about mechanical design. My career goal is to do research and development on projects that involve multidisciplinary problems including mechanical, electrical, software and applied science. I got involved with Skills Canada competitions by coincidence. I ran into the previous mechanical engineering design CAD competitor in the hallway while he was looking for a student who was interested in this trade. I was very interested and have been involved in competitions ever since.
  • Interesting fact about David: his biggest inspiration is physicist Richard Feynman. His ability to look at problems that hundreds of people have tried to solve in a new light and make progress in solving them is inspiring.
  • The most important Essential Skill for the field of mechanical CADD is continuous learning. The software is always changing and adapting to it and being able to use new features correctly is key. Thinking is also important. More specifically, the ability to think ahead to prevent an issue or to simplify a process.

Competition History

Training History

WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: Loyalist College, February 23-26, 2017



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